Check if your postcode can get Fibre to the Cabinet or Fibre to the Premises from Openreach

Or more importantly whether it may be on the way to your area

FTTC/FTTP broadband availability checker

Please supply your postcode
(Based on December 2011 data, with secondary check on exchange area using January 2013 data)
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21st January 2013: Updated the supplementary Openreach data, that checks the exchange area on its accepting order, coming soon and future exchange lists. Remember that while this can provide an indication of future intentions there are no guarantees it will be available for a specific postcode.

28th November 2012: Ofcom postcode data is now available for checking, which will provide a speed estimate for a postcode and also show whether as of August 2012, a superfast service was available in the postcode

25th September 2012: Added latest roll-out information for phase 10b to the secondary exchange based database checks.

September 2012: A small update to the checker to improve its performance. Searches are split into four segments to make it faster, and Ajax is used to avoid nasty page refreshes.