A postcode lookup that will provide broadband speed and coverage information

This is based on a spreadsheet released by Ofcom in November 2012, which was compiled in the summer of 2012.

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The data Ofcom has used to produce the checker behind this lookup system is based on a snap shot of data provided by the largest fixed broadband providers in the UK for the period of June to July 2012. Due to variations in broadband performance over time, the data should not be regarded as a defintive and fixed view of the UK's fixed broadband infrastructure. However, the information provided in this file may be useful in identifying variations in broadband performance by geography and the impact of superfast broadband on overall broadband performance.

Average speed/Mbps - This field takes the values of mean modem sync speed of connections in the postcode to 1 decimal place. If over or equal to 30 Mbit/s, a >= 30 is shown.

Median speed/Mbps - This field picks out the middle modem sync speed in each postcode as if they were all ordered from smallest to highest and the middle one is selected (or average of middle two values if there is an even number of values). If over or equal to 30 Mbit/s, a >= 30 is shown.

Maximum Speed/Mbps - This field calculates the highest modem speed in each postcode in Mbit/s. If over or equal to 30 Mbit/s, a >= 30 is shown.

Superfast Broadband Available(Yes/No) - This field indicates whether Virgin Media or Openreach are able to provide superfast broadband services to one or more premises in the postcode. Note, not all premises will necessarily be able to order the service and, for fibre to the cabinet technologies, not all connections will necessarily be able to achieve superfast speeds. This data is again from summer 2012, so will not fully reflect the state of the Openreach roll-out.